Living water

Living water | 2005 | video installation | 45´

Awards Projéteis da Arte Contemporânea FUNARTE
view exhibition The infinite now, Instituto Cultural Banco Real, Recife, PE 


Living water is, according to the artist, “a video registering an urban intervention done in November 2005, lasting for 30 days, where hearts made of ice were thrown into the sea. The video shows the whole process of melting of the hearts and the transformations caused by the wind, sun and warmth of the waters”. The rapid melting of the hearts of ice in the warm waters of the Pernambuco sea can be compared with the corrosion of amorous intensity  through routine. These images, emblematic of the flight of affect and passions in our world, get their poetic power from the destructive action of the water (liquid and warm from the sea) on the frozen water (solidified by negative temperature) over a short space of time.  FERNANDO COCCHIARALE (curator)