In Deposit, the artist sent out a chain through the internet in which he asked for the public to help him create his work for the  exhibition at the Museum. During some months, Vieira asked that people send him boxes by regular mail, addressed to the museum, which would be used later in the production of his work. Who sent them or what was contaned in the boxes dind't really matter. The important aspecto f the work was the fact that it could be constituted, with little physical strain or material cost for the artist, by a group of objects that, once exhibited together, could express the artist's  nomadic condition and constant displacement – far from the art scene in Recife, and during his participating program of residence in Belo Horizonte. The mystery of the box contents and the ongoing quality of this work in progress are other important aspects of work, which can be consulted by the public on a long table. RODRIGO MOURA (curator)