Project Degas

Project Degas | 2006 | video projection | 18”56”


Project Degas addresses the time by other ways. The artist appropriates from a video made from a ballet presentation, saturates its color and stretches its time. Dialogue with Degas, impressionist artist self-proclaimed realistic and who left some major achievements for art's  history: an interpretation of a very powerful light, the 
implementation of a photographic angle in his paintings and a pictorial interest that goes beyond the representation and that is directed in a sense angle of capitation of the dynamics of the image. If Degas sought a movement synthesis in its paintings, Bruno uses total commitment in demonstrating the essence of the master impressionist's work. Movement and time are witnessed in different ways by the two series of work and show 
that these two themes, in the era of fading of affection, cause to us a certain melancholy. CRISTIANA TEJO  (curator)