Exhibition BARRO.OCO - 03/26/12

Exposure BARRO.OCO is a reflection on the presence of clay in contemporary art from the artist's work Pernambuco Joseph Paul and two guest artists: Jared Domicio Bruno Vieira and whose work will enhance dialogue and issues related to the work of Jose Paulo , an action that concerns not only the structures but also building the platform for action.

Organized by Carlos Melo
José Paulo perform a specific work for the show, as well as the video display "portrait of Van Gogh Severed Ear", which lasts 34mn, produced in 2011, this work is the series "Portraits and Self-portraits".
Jared Domicio artist Ceara, participates in the exhibition with a video that deals with the extraction of "what can not be seen" as a gesture that reveals the invisible dust.
The Pernambuco Bruno Vieira tries to organize a concert sound baroque furniture adding blocks to form effectively a "orchestra".

Exhibition BARRO.OCO

Galeria de Artes Mestre Galdino - SESC Caruaru - PE

Opening March 28 2012 the 20h

Exhibition March 28 to October 21, 2012 from 9am to 22h
Free admission

Rua Rui Limeira Rosal, s/n Petrópolis, Caruaru - PE

Information and schedules: Phone 81 - 37213967 

Baroque Sinphonia, 2012 - performance by Bruno Vieira