Exhibition Fecho Éclair - 06/29/12


Fecho Éclair
open June 30th - 14 am 
June 30th - July 28th, 2012.
Ana Holck, Alessandra Duarte,  Bruno Vieira,  James Kudo,  Jardineiro André Feliciano,  João Castilho , Nati Canto,  Pedro Varela, RAG, Suzana Scheinkman, Valentino Fialdini,  Wagner Pinto
In July, closing a semester of intense activity and opening the second half of 2012, Zipper presents Fecho-éclair, an exhibition of its inventory with the artists represented by the gallery. All together, all at the same thime, dressing up the entire gallery.
Few are the times when we have the opportunity to participate in the conviviality of so many artists simultaneously, to observe how their various poetics and formal solutions talk to each other, making the atmosphere that characterizes Zipper.
Something that stands out in this "Zipper spirit" is a concern with issues related to the confrontation between natural and artificial. Interventions on nature, the chemistry of psychic life, the city that opens a crack in the gray to the explosion of life. The emerging art springs with the strength of a plant through concrete.
More infos: http://zpr.me/expofechoeclair 
Zipper Galeria
Rua Estados Unidos 1494, 01427-001 São Paulo
Exposição: 30 de Junho a 28 de Julho, 2012. 
Segunda a sexta-feira das 10h às 19h - Sábado das 11h às 17h