Reference Literary

The problem of time and the dialectic of absence and presence, related to the issue of image, too echoed in the literary series Apology, 2009. The image in the literature is an imaginary construction of the reader, from the information contained in the texts indexical. The photographs of the series, while in contrast with the images referred to in literature, due to its rigidity and previously formed is present, this aspect contain memory and recovery time. The poetic dimension of the images extend the possibilities of reading and rereading, just as the literary language, allowing new articulations of meaning and images on the viewer's mind - putting in open dialogue and unpredictable memory photographic record with personal memory of each spectator. Among the literary works of the series Apology, we can mention:

The dry land will turn into sea, referring to the novel Moacyr Scliar, consists of photograph of paper boats on the ground of the countryside. The weather and wind, covering the epic romance of Erico Verissimo, photograph in a book containing the image of the sky cover is placed over the dirt floor reflects the sky, Lives dry, related work will Graciliano Ramos, partial image of a horse with a blue ball between front paws; Pension House, concerning the naturalistic novel Aluisio de Azevedo, photograph of a double bed with plants around, the boat of Gleyre, referring to the publication of the letters of the writer Monteiro Lobato mining Rangel, consists of photograph of two donkeys on the beach, next to a boat; short flight of birds, referring to the novel Alcyone Araujo, the image of a paper airplane flying against the sky background. RENATA WILNER