I have never seen you

I have never seen you  collectspictures taken at Bruno Vieira's request by people known (but not personally) in different regions of Brazil and the world, in places of their own choice or preference. None of these people can be identified, since they appear only through the shadows projected on the pictured landscapes. The co-participation of installation’s portrayed and image’s authors, as well as their indicated presence seem to point to the dilution of authorship and to an audience no longer only contemplative, in line with the flow traffic that characterizes contemporary life. Fernando Cocchiarale (curator) 

The artist works in partnership on the internet with many artists all over the world, that he does not know, as he has never managed to meet them personally. In this one, there is an  excessive connection, but without a real virtual, a superpopulation without a place to meet. Bruno Vieira proposes Nunca te vi: / never saw you, an artwork that is based upon an unknown that is the other person. MARISA FLÓRIDO CESAR (curator)

Participate in the project: Alexandre Pereira, Denise Gadelha, Chico Fernandes, Lourival Batista, Evandro Prado, Arthur Leandro, Ted Decker, Flavio Lamenha, Helio Eudoro, Leo Cabangbang, Mark Salvatus, Miro Soares, among others